About the Reviewers

Ingrid is the chief operator of The Blue Bookcase. She also just recently became the proud owner of a bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature. Some of her favorite authors are Leo Tolstoy, Sylvia Plath, Margaret Atwood, and Vladimir Nabokov. Ingrid loves military history, especially anything having to do with World War Two or Napoleon. Ingrid is happily married to a Navajo and thus loves learning about Navajo and other Native American cultures, and turquoise jewelry. She also loves modern art, diet coke, salt and vinegar chips, and learning languages. 

Connie is the original creator of this blog but stepped down as the chief operator due to a demanding schedule in December, 2010 and now functions as a reviewer and adviser. Though she formerly worked as an English teacher at a community college, she now taking on freelance writing and editing jobs while she stays at home with her new son. In the future, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in English literature. She loves traveling, creaming her husband on the Wii, volunteering, knitting while watching lots and lots of movies, reading (of course), and setting goals to try new things that she may or may not ever actually attempt (i.e. starting a garden or attempting to drive a jet ski). She also has an unhealthful obsession with Europe and really old books.

Christina has a bachelor's degree in piano performance, but she currently spends far more time reading than making music.  She worked in library systems at the University of Utah, Harvard University, and KIMEP (a university in Almaty, Kazakhstan) before surrendering her life to two adorable children, Isobel and Jude.  What little spare time she has is spent watching movies with the husband, Brooke, and daydreaming about being a doctor and a synesthete.

Christine or Chioma or Christine-Chioma or C-C has a lot of monikers and has always loved literature. She even taught herself to read at age two (it's true! ask her mother)! She was one of the original reviewers for this blog, but left for 18+ months to serve an LDS mission in southern California. C-C graduated from Brigham Young University in 2010 where she studied English and Sociology. She has no self-control when it comes to the amazing combination of peanut butter and chocolate. She also loves country music, bright colors, corny jokes, thrift stores, old films, and board games. C-C's favorite pieces of literature are those that are character-centered and delve deeply into the human experience (Middlemarch, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Bell Jar). Her life motto is "there are only two kinds of people in the world: the people you love and the people you don't know well enough." Her next big adventure will hopefully be obtaining a Master's degree in Nursing.