Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guest Review: Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

The Blue Bookcase is VERY excited to welcome guest reviewer and women's fiction author Janna Qualman.

Could a letter you’ve written ever have such a profound effect?

Published: 2007 - Berkley Books, NY

The Wednesday Letters’ aesthetics—warm and cozy red—are what first caught my attention. And then its premise, a family’s story unfolded in letters, made the sale.

It's About: When Jack and Laurel pass away the same night, wrapped in each others’ arms, it seems fitting to those who knew their relationship. But when their three grown children return home to settle affairs, and they stumble upon boxes and boxes of letters—written from husband to wife each Wednesday for decades—their contents show a different picture.

All because of their father’s pen, Matthew, Malcolm and Samantha learn of these things their parents never told them—disappointments and deceit, but commitment and forgiveness, too.

How will the letters affect memory of the lives the brothers and sister lived growing up? How will they affect the lives they’re trying to live now?

I thought: In theory, the book is thick and layered, a rich story to pull you in and squeeze. It fell short of its full potential, I thought, but still I found it a worthwhile read. (And it would make a fabulous movie.) Bonus: The epilogue, tucked into a small envelope at the back flap.

Verdict: Worth the read, especially if you're after something light and sweet.
Warning: None. This book is sweet and simple, and brings a little wholesome to today's fiction.

You can visit Janna at Something She Wrote, where she captures life through writing.