Monday, June 21, 2010

Reading books in schools

Lately I have been thinking about school and books, probably because I am so near to graduation.  It seems such a frequent occurrence to hear someone say about a book, "Oh, studying that book in school ruined it for me."  Does anyone else hear this a lot?  About excellent books, too, like Catcher in the Rye, 1984, A Tale of Two Cities -- some of my favorite books, and books that perhaps I wouldn't have read had I not been assigned to.

Maybe it's because I'm a total nerd and an English major, but I appreciate books more when I study and discuss them with other people.  It gives me a greater appreciation for the author, his/her talent and objective.  Plus, it gives me a chance to vocalize theories, which helps to solidify them, and to hear other peoples' interpretations of things I thought were so clearly intended to be interpreted another way.

What do you, our bookish audience, think?  Does studying a book ruin it for you, or enhance it?