Monday, August 23, 2010

Attention Bookish Public

Today is one of your luckier days. Perhaps you've had luckier, but I'd say this is a comparably lucky day to whichever is the one you are thinking of.

The Blue Bookcase is looking to branch out a bit, and yes, that means we are looking for more writers! Our philosophy here at the Blue Bookcase is that people get sick of reading just one person's opinions on just one type of book, and we're looking to mix in a few more perspectives to our already wonderfully diverse and astonishingly intelligent melange.

Here's what we're looking for:
--> Someone who loves reading books and reads a lot of them
--> Someone who loves reading books and reads a lot of them, and they're not all vampire, Twilight, I'm going to suck your blood but wait I won't because I really love you kind of books, or any other genre that is similarly lacking in any literary value (romance, chick lit, teen romance, teen chick lit, etc.)
-->Someone who is willing to post to the blog approximately once a week and be pretty reliable about doing so
-->Preferably someone who is familiar with the book blogging community and networking
-->Someone who knows how to check his/her email and respond to emails

Sound like you? Send us an email at, telling us how you meet these qualifications, a little about yourself, and why we should add you to our authors list.

Let the applications begin! Oh, and spread the word.