Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can I get a drum roll, please?

Okay, people, after screening and auditioning lots of submissions to become regular writers here at the Blue Bookcase, Ingrid and I (Connie) have come to a difficult but an exciting decision. So if you could please provide a drum roll by tapping your pointer fingers in rapid succession on the edge of the desk or table or couch at which you find yourself.....

Please welcome our new writers:

Christina -- read her guest review of The Lacuna here.
Lucia -- read her guest review of Mr. Rosenblum's List here.
Meagan -- read her guest review of A Countess Below Stairs here 

We were so grateful to all the many submissions we received -- there were so many excellent candidates, it was definitely difficult to choose only a couple to retain here full-time. Thank you all for your interest and for the time you spent writing up your applications and reviews.

To Christina, Lucia, and Meagan, we are all looking forward to reading your posts!