Saturday, February 12, 2011

Book Lists

Post by Ingrid

I love lists. I especially love lists of books. (I think Christina does too, judging by her last few posts.) One list I particularly admire is Jillian's 300 list. I've found that reading a lot of books provides a special opportunity to make lists of these books, specifically books read and to be read. Let me take a moment to  tell you about my lists.

First, I have a Moleskine address book that I bought in Paris in 2007 (I even wrote "Paris 2007" in the front cover) to keep track of my books. I list books under each section by the author's last name. I write books I want to read in pencil, and books that I've read in pen. Next the title I sometimes write who recommended it to me.

Next, I have a Goodreads account, which is probably the list of books I've actually read that I update the most often. I give each book I read a rating out of 5 stars (which I usually apply impulsively without much thought, though sometimes I change them later.) This is the list I refer to when updating my other lists.

I also of course have an Amazon wish list, which is where I best keep track of books I want to read but don't own.

Last, I keep a google doc that is based on Max's list from The Millions. On this list I record what what books I read this year, what I'm currently reading, what book is on deck (to be read next), and which books I plan on reading next and in what order. I CONSTANTLY change this last part of the list around, and almost never read the books in the order I list them.

Maybe it seems a little narcissistic to assume you all are interested in the details of my reading lists, but I am always fascinated by other people's reading lists and thought maybe some of you might be interested in mine.

Now PLEASE tell me all about your reading lists.

How do you keep track of books you've read?
How do you keep track of books you want to read?