Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Ingrid's Favorite Topics

It's a Top Ten Tuesday freebie day! I thought today I'd quickly list my top ten favorite topics. A hint to authors and publishers - if your book fits into one of these categorize, I will more than likely love to review your book on this blog.
via Mint Tea and a Good Book

Polygamy. This is probably my longest standing obsession. I devour polygamy memoirs, like this one.

Titanic. I like Titanic books as a kid, but with the recent centenary I got into it again. The Julian Fellowes miniseries made me sad though. Annie and Pablo!!!!!!!! :'( :'(. Also see here.

Books about books or reading. Because I'm meta like that.

Napoleon or the Napoleonic wars. This was kind of a summer 2009 thing, but I'm always down to read more about my favorite little military commander.

Native American history/mythology. Because of my husband, also cause it's cool.

Mormon history. See post coming tomorrow.

Downton Abbey-ish books. I recently acquired this through Netgalley. Yay.

Girls coming of age fiction/memoirs, like this little gem that I'm loving right now.

Literary Theory/Translation studies. In moderation, of course.

Women's Studies/Feminism, especially memoirs like this one.

Any suggestions for me that fit in these categories? Send them my way! I'm all over it.