Friday, January 6, 2012

Literary Blog Hop: January 7-10

Welcome to the Literary Blog Hop hosted by The Blue Bookcase!

This monthly blog hop is open to blogs that primarily feature book reviews of literary fiction, classic literature, and general literary discussion.

How do I know if my blog qualifies as "literary"? Literature has many definitions, but for our purposes your blog qualifies as "literary" if it focuses primarily on texts with aesthetic merit. In other words, texts that show quality not only in narrative but also in the effect of their language and structure. YA literature may fit into this category, but if your blog focuses primarily on non-literary YA, fantasy, romance, paranormal romance, or chick lit, you may prefer to join the blog hop at Crazy-for-books that is open to book blogs of all kinds.

Instructions for entering the Literary Blog Hop:

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Literary Blog Hop

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Here's our question this week:

Do you like to supplement your reading with outside sources, like Sparknotes, academic articles, or other bloggers' reviews? Why or why not?

Our answer comes from Ingrid:

I have to say, I'm a little conflicted about this issue. When I was still in school I loved reading critical articles about texts I was reading, but I don't nearly read as much supplementary material now as I read on my own. At the very least, I read over some Goodreads reviews or other bloggers' reviews to see how other people reacted to a specific book, and I usually read the Wikipedia article on the book for general criticisms. Sometimes I'm afraid to go deeper than this, though, because in many cases my view of a book has been tainted or changed in a significant way when I read academic criticisms of it. Because I don't have time to read everything ever written by scholars about each book I read, somehow it doesn't seem fair to just read some of it when I know it might change my opinion of the book.

What about you? How do you supplement your reading, if at all?

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Happy Hopping!
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