Monday, March 8, 2010

Dead Man Walking by Helen Prejean

Reviewed by Marcie

This is a nonfiction piece written by a nun (Sister Helen Prejean) who was the spiritual adviser to a few men on death row. Automatically cool. The book could be considered a great debate on the death penalty. It provides the points of view from both the victims' families and the prisoners, and occasionally the prisoners' families.

I would NOT suggest that you read this book close to bedtime as the book discusses some horrific crimes that should make any person cringe to just think about it.

It is logical. It discusses a subject that so few have a solid opinion. It is spiritual. You will be a more informed citizen having read this.

Warning: As you could have probably guessed, this book has some language as it takes place in a prison setting, but not too much as it is written by a nun. Still, I would say this book is for a mature audience.

If you're looking to form some political opinions about the death penalty, to expand your knowledge, or to just get another book under your belt, read this book.

Verdict: Read it. Don't buy it.