Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Sad Announcement

It grieves me to have to write this post, just as it grieved me to email my amazing, dedicated writers with whom I have developed wonderful friendships.

Due to a suddenly very busy schedule that is not likely to let up in the next few years, I, Connie, have decided to step down as the chief operator of the Blue Bookcase and turn it over entirely to long-time co-moderator Ingrid. 

It is sad to see this day, as the Blue Bookcase was an idea of mine, which I built from nothing along with a few of my other literary-minded friends. I don't care to even estimate the number of hours I have put into creating and nurturing it. In the time that is has been in existence, I've seen it and helped it grow and expand from nothing to the wonderful site that it is today -- it is now read in most nations of the world and averages well over a hundred hits a day. 

I have no worries about the future of the Blue Bookcase, as Ingrid is a most worthy and competent successor, and I know she will continue to improve the site and honor its literary integrity. I also feel confidence in our writers, hand-selected by myself and Ingrid, who continue to provide insightful, provocative reviews and discussions.

I'll still stop by from time to time to write a review when I can manage it, and beyond that, who knows what the future will bring.

Thanks for reading.

Signing out,