Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 10 Books Connie Hopes Santa (or her husband) Will Bring this Year

Let's see if I'm capable of beginning this post some way other than, "It's time for another Top 10 Tuesday, hosted by our friends over at the Broke and Bookish." There, I think that counts.

This week, I, Connie, shall list the top 10 books I hope to show up under my Christmas tree this year. And what a beautiful Christmas tree it is. Seriously.

Now, I would like to put in a request, Broke and Bookish friends, that next year we don't wait until 5 days before Christmas to do this one. How about a couple weeks before, to give those lovely, wonderful, but clueless significant others/gift givers/Santa's elves time to locate said books on Amazon and take advantage of the free super saver shipping? Mmmmm?

All right, here we go.

10. Vegetariana by Nava Atlas -- remember when I mentioned this in my review of Literary Ladies? Still need to get my hands on a copy.

9. A Writer's Diary by Virginia Woolf -- key excerpts from my favorite author's many diaries

8. You Learn By Living by Eleanor Roosevelt -- the more I learn about her, the more I love her.

7. Reading Women by Stephanie Staal -- ever since reading Ingrid's review of it, I have been dying to get it.

6. Any Kazuo Ishiguro book I haven't read yet (any recommendations?)

5. Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss -- I know, I know, this book was SO 6 years ago, but I never got around to it, and now, as an English teacher, I have a feeling I will find it particularly applicable.

4. Ulysses by James Joyce -- Not that I expect to read it any time soon, but it would be nice to know that it is on my bookshelf, patiently waiting for the day I feel particularly ambitious.

3. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens or any other of these beauties printed by Penguin.

2. The beautiful, hardbound, Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou

1. A first-edition, with the dust jacket, copy of Orlando by Virginia Woolf *long sigh*

All right, Brad, (husband) go ahead and bookmark this page, and keep it in mind for next year.

What books are you hoping for this Christmas?