Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 10 Characters Who Remind Me of My Family

I am currently staying with my family on vacation, so as I started this week's top 10 Tuesday, identifying book characters that remind you of people you know, I couldn't help but do my family. It probably won't entertain you as much as it does me (since I know my family), but maybe it will give you a glimpse into what my big ole' family's like. So here they are, from oldest to youngest. 

I also decided to include a couple old school family pictures for your viewing pleasure. But we'll start with a less embarrassing, recent one.

My family today (or last year) L-R
Michelle (Christian's wife), Christian (Peter), Bryan (Rhett Butler), Mom (Elinor), Dad (Captain Wentworth), Brad (Arthur Weasley), me (Hermione Granger), Juli (Elphaba), Jayme (Mary Rivers), Katie (Ramona Quimby)
My dad = Captain Wentworth from Persuasion: Captain Wentworth is, when it comes down to it, an awesome guy, though he is prone to being a little emotional. Remember, he's the one who punishes Anne for turning him down by courting another woman right in front of her. Yep, my dad is prone to strong bursts of emotion, but he's still so lovable and awesome. 

My mom = Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility: Not prone to strong fits of emotion, Elinor is Austen's ultimate level-headed heroine. Anyone who has met my mom knows that she is THE MOST CALM PERSON IN THE WORLD! Nothing, and I mean nothing, shakes her calm demeanor.

Christmas morning, F-B
Katie (Ramona), me (Hermione), Bryan
(future Rhett), Juli (Elphaba), Christian
(Peter), Jayme (Mary), Dad (Wentworth)
My sister, Jayme = Mary Rivers from Jane Eyre: Don't you love St. John's sisters, Diana and Mary? They are single, they are intelligent, they are educated, and they are teachers. Hmmm, sounds like my older sister, a strong single woman about to start her PhD program in music theory.

My brother, Christian = Peter from Chronicles of Narnia: You know the strong, quiet older brother type? Yeah, that's Christian. Calm like my mother, he's a very steady figure who's always watched out for the younger siblings. Well, other than giving his only younger brother a hard time every once in a while :)

My sister, Juli = Elphaba from Wicked: It has been many, many years since I've read Wicked, but I still remember that the entire time I read it, I kept thinking, "This is Juli!" Elphie cares about animals, almost to a fault (when my sister's dog got sick, she stayed home from work to hold him and feed him Pedialite) and has always stood out as a little different from the rest of her family (Juli spent one year of high school with her hair cut into short, bright purple stripes). Ultimately, Elphie/Juli has a lot of heart, and she's very likable.

Katie wasn't born yet, but who doesn't love an old plaid
family picture? L-R Bryan, Dad, Jayme, Christian, Mom,
me (on her lap), Juli
My brother, Bryan = Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind: Can we say, ladies' man? Women love my brother. He's tall, dark, and handsome, much like dear old Rhett. They're both a little coarse and cocky by all appearances sake, but like Rhett, Bryan's all mushy inside. Rhett has a real soft spot for Scarlett and his daughter, and Bryan is a very loving brother.

Me = Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series: I tried to be more original on this one, but honestly, no character is more like me than Hermione. I obsessed over grades in school, I was uber competitive and more than occasionally an annoying know-it-all. But I keep a cool head in perilous situations, I love learning and working hard, and I'm a very loyal friend.

My baby sister, Katie = Ramona Quimby: She's freckled, she's curious, and she's a a little mischievous. I couldn't help laughing when I realized my sister is Ramona Quimby. Katie is the loudest of the family; she was always climbing trees and getting into this and that. She seems really tough, but like Ramona, she's actually very sensitive.
my husband, Brad (Arthur Weasley) and me (Hermione)

And finally, my husband = Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter series: This was another one that made me laugh. Though they didn't do Mr. Weasley justice in the movies, the guy from the books is a loving family man (but not much of a disciplinarian) with a great sense of humor. Nothing makes my husband happier than hanging out at home with the family. He's a people pleaser and hates to make anyone feel bad. Instead, he's the goof ball always making people laugh.