Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ingrid's Top Ten Favorite Places to Read

It's another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week I, Ingrid, get to tell you my top ten favorite places to read. So get excited.
Ingrid's top ten favorite places to read:

1. On the couch, with my feet in front of the space heater and a pillow under my lower back. 

2. In bed propped up with pillows. (Though I tend to fall asleep rather quickly when reading in bed.) 

3. In the bath, but only if I can rest my elbows on the side (some tubs don't allow this.) With lavender bath salts. This would probably be my location of choice.

4. On my grandparents couch. Seriously the most comfortable couch I have ever experienced. You literally sink into it, it has a chenille cover, and it's comfortable in most positions (sitting up straight, slouching back, laying on stomach, laying on back with head on armrest, etc.)

5. In my grandma's study on the carpet. I like laying on the ground on my stomach (though it tends to get scratchy on the elbows, but a sweatshirt generally helps this.) My grandma's study is particularly ideal because it is on the third floor and near the stairs, so I can faintly hear what's going on downstairs but people rarely come up to the third floor. 

6. Under the Christmas tree, laying on my stomach. I like when the lights twinkle onto the pages. :)

7. On the beach sitting in our red beach chair with my feet in the sand. Oh yeah. 

8. In my desk chair cross legged or with my feet up on the desk. 

9. On the reclining chair at my parents-in-law's house next to the wood burning stove. Bonus when they burn piƱon pine which smells really good. 

10. At the kitchen table with a cup of tea (preferably orange blossom.) Generally this isn't so comfortable (my back hurts after awhile,) but it's ideal when drinking tea or eating a snack.